What is TOMOYO?

TOMOYO is a name-based MAC extension (LSM module) for the Linux kernel.

LiveCD-based tutorials are available at

Though these tutorials use non-LSM version of TOMOYO, they are useful for you to know what TOMOYO is.

How to enable TOMOYO?

Build the kernel with CONFIG_SECURITY_TOMOYO=y and pass security=tomoyo on kernel’s command line.

Please see for details.

Where is documentation?

User <-> Kernel interface documentation is available at .

Materials we prepared for seminars and symposiums are available at . Below lists are chosen from three aspects.

What is TOMOYO?
TOMOYO Linux Overview

TOMOYO Linux: pragmatic and manageable security for Linux

TOMOYO Linux: A Practical Method to Understand and Protect Your Own Linux Box

What can TOMOYO do?
Deep inside TOMOYO Linux

The role of “pathname based access control” in security.

History of TOMOYO?
Realities of Mainlining