Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (formerly ATI Technologies Inc.)


Supported chipsets:

  • Mach64 (Rage Pro)
  • Rage 128 (Standard, Pro, Mobility)
  • Radeon up to HD 5970-series (i.e. Radeon SDR/DDR, Radeon 7000-9800, and Radeon X300-X1250, Radeon X1300 - X1950, Radeon HD 2000 - HD 5970 are supported) Important notes:

  • The Radeon naming scheme explained.

  • For Radeon PCI support see the FAQ.
  • Rage Fury Maxx is NOT supported by the DRI.
  • The Radeon seems to have problems with certain early VIA chipsets. Your best bet is to try and see if it works.
  • 3D support for the Radeon 9500-9800 (R300 series), X300-X850 (R400 series) and X1300 - X1950 (R500 series) is via the r300_dri driver. For the HD series, 3D support is provided in the r600 driver, and there is both the classic DRI driver and Gallium driver in development. The stability has improved a lot since 2008, thanks to specifications released by AMD also for their (ATI's) older chipsets.
  • R500 series support is available in Mesa 7.0.4 release or newer
  • Radeon HD 6000 (R800) series does not yet have DRI 3D driver, see below for information about the specifications being released by AMD Example graphics cards:

  • Radeon HD 4670

  • Radeon X1650
  • Radeon X700
  • Radeon 8500
  • Rage Fury
  • Rage Magnum
  • Xpert 2000
  • Xpert 128
  • Xpert 99
  • All-in-Wonder 128


Check the radeonTV page at for information about how TV-Out (and TV capture) for ATI cards got to official drivers from the GATOS project. TV-Out may now be enabled using Randr 1.2 ("xrandr" utility) for supported cards, by eg:

  1. xrandr --addmode S-video 800x600
  2. xrandr --output S-video --mode 800x600
  3. xrandr --output S-video --set tv_standard ntsc



ATI had a 'developer program'. Specifications of all ATI chips up to the Radeon 9200 were made available to DRI developers under NDA on an individual case basis. Please read carefully the NDA page before you consider applying.


For R500, R600, R700 and R800 (Radeon X1000- HD 6000 series) AMD/ATI has had a habit of releasing specifications from basic mode-setting all the way to shaders. AMD is also funding developers to develop fully open drivers "radeon" (X.Org DDX driver), "r300" and "r600" (Mesa 3D drivers and kernel DRM drivers) using the specifications together with the community, see for example;a=summary .


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