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I have old rv280 (radeon 9200SE) videocard, and some old nvidia cards, all AGP. Mostly interested in speed optimization. See this data for some numbers:

AGP 1x, GART only,  best: 38 fps
AGP 1x, GART only,  2nd:  50 fps
AGP 1x, local only, best: 33 fps
AGP 1x, local only, 2nd:  74 fps
AGP 1x, GART+local, best: 54 fps
AGP 1x, GART+local, 2nd:  75 fps

AGP 2x, GART only,  best: 57 fps
AGP 2x, GART only,  2nd:  70 fps
AGP 2x, local only, best: 34 fps
AGP 2x, local only, 2nd:  74 fps
AGP 2x, GART+local, best: 64 fps
AGP 2x, GART+local, 2nd:  74 fps

Where hw was described as

Celeron Tualatin 1000@1330 on bx-133 (note this has consequences for AGP
speed, AGP 1x will actually have transfer rate of "AGP 1.33x", AGP 2x is
"AGP 2.66x"), 1.06GB/s main memory bandwidth. Graphic card is a Radeon
7200 SDR (@160Mhz, memory bandwidth is a paltry 2.05GB/s) 32MB.

and test was done using Q3 v1.32b

QuakeIII 1.32b, 800x600 windowed, timedemo demo four, with color tiling,
with texture tiling (that's another story, btw...), with hyperz, without
compressed textures, 32bit textures, trilinear. "best" means highest
texture quality, "2nd" means I used the second-highest texture quality

For me currently (09-02-2010) mesa 7.8 in KMS mode, with some hyperz hacked in, gives roughly 20 fps in 1024x768x32 fullscreen. (but i have q3demo v1.11, and demo002)

Hacks are:

r200 hyper hacks not working yet v5.diff

r200 hyperz kernel.patch