CVSup is a tool which allows quick checkouts of CVS branches or mirroring of a CVS repository.

To use it, first install cvsup. It can be installed using "apt-get install cvsup" on debian, "yum install cvsup" on fedora, "portupgrade -RiN cvsup" on FreeBSD, or downloaded and installed manually from . Then grab the dri-supfile.

Next, edit your dri-supfile for your configuration. The example dri-supfile tells cvsup to place checked out files in /usr/src/dri and cvsup's extra state in /etc/cvsup/drisup. If you wish to check out a branch other than the trunk of CVS, edit the tag in the line:

* default release=cvs tag=.

to the name of your branch, for example:

* default release=cvs tag=mach64-0-0-6-branch

If you want to check out the entire CVS repository, remove the "tag=." line entirely. If you choose to do that, you can then check out CVS from your local machine using:

cvs -d/usr/src/dri checkout xc

This allows for fast checkouts and diffing without hitting the network.

Below that is the collection name, "dri-xc." Two collections are offered. The "dri-xc" collection contains just the xc/ directory, which is what most people want from DRI CVS. Changing that to the "dri" collection will get you all of CVS, including the agpgart WIP and other projects.

When you are finished configuring, run "cvsup dri-supfile". You may want to check out the cvsup manpage for extra flags to add. My standard set is "cvsup -s -g -L 2 dri-supfile". The process can be killed and restarted as necessary, if your connection is slow.

See CVS, ?CvsPolicy, and CvsBranches for more information on using the DRI CVS repository.