Coverity Scans check software for security and quality issues. They are provided by Synopsis to open source projects for free. The Mesa project is registered for this service. See the Mesa project dashboard. Each Mesa component may have a different process for processing scan results.

General Information

Your access level to the project affects what you can do with the project. Firstly, you must be registered to view any issues. Then to make modifications to issues, you must contact a project admin (such as Vinson Lee) for access.

Vendor-Specific Information


Here's the scope of issues that we attempt to fix as a team:

  • Code: Warnings in the code paths that our hardware could take.
  • Time: Issues occuring after Jan 2017.

We address these issues with a volunteer system. If you volunteer to handle issues for the week, you're only expected to focus on issues that are newly detected for that week. It's not necessary to write a patch to fix every issue. You could alternatively mark it as a false positive, mark it as not needing to be fixed, notify someone else about it, etc.