Developing for Mesa

Want to test your application on mesa? Please follow these instructions.


  • Install your distribution mesa packages
  • Make sure you're running mesa (glxinfo)
  • Test your app

Bug reporting

If you app is broken in some way:

  • Try mesa from git either built from sources or using distro-provided packages
  • Tell us on IRC (#dri-devel on freenode), you may get a fast solution or a temporary work around.
  • If it is a bug, please report it on
    • Product: Mesa
    • Component: Choose the driver you are using (as reported by glxinfo)
    • Version: Write the first to be known broken
  • Fill in your bug report. Include a description of the problem, Xorg logs, dmesg output, any mesa output and if it is applicable, please enclose a picture of the problem. Identify how to reproduce the problem. If possible, identify a small test-case (either in your application or a small demo). Now if you're brave enough to do so, write a piglit test (you can ask for help on IRC) to expose the situation or feature combinations that are problematic.


Thanks for caring about Mesa and open source drivers.