Graphics Address Re-Mapping Table (GART)

The AGP execute model interface specification requires a physical-to-physical address remapping mechanism which ensures that the graphics accelerator (an AGP master) will have a contiguous view of the graphics data structures dynamically allocated in system memory.

This address remapping is accomplished via a memory-based table called the Graphics Address Remapping Table (GART) -- also sometimes called the Graphics Translation Table (GTT). It is used (walked) by the corelogic to perform the remapping. In order to avoid compatibility issues and allow future implementation flexibility, this mechanism is specified at a software (API) level. In other words, the actual GART table format is not specified; rather it is abstracted to the API by a HAL or miniport driver that must be provided with the corelogic.

Note: This remapping function should not be confused in any way with the system address translation table mechanism. While some of the concepts are similar, these are completely separate mechanisms which operate independently, under control of the operating system.