Mailing Lists

If you need more help getting DRI to work on your Linux system then your best bet is to check out BugZilla or the Mesa and DRI mailing lists:

Mesa 3D and DRI

Direct Rendering Modules in Linux/BSD kernels

The old DRI mailing lists have changed their focus to purely DRM, while actual DRI driver discussions has moved to the Mesa mailing lists above.

  • dri-users Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences Archives at: Freedesktop, MARC, Gmane
    • You should post to this list for all general questions and support issues. All non-development discussions should take place on this mailing list, rather than dri-devel. If you are having trouble getting the DRM up and running and want to ask questions, this is the list to post to.
  • dri-devel Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences Archives at: Freedesktop, MARC,, Gmane
    • This is the primary discussion list for work being done on the Direct Rendering Modules (DRM). You should post here if you have any questions for the developers or if you wish to participate in DRM development or if you have a bug to report.
  • dri-patches Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences Archives at: Freedesktop, MARC, Gmane
    • Any checkins to the DRM source tree are recorded on the dri-patches mailing list, and so this list can get a significant amount of volume when development is active. Mailing lists are archived. So it might be easier to read them through HTML or search them as needed to find your answer instead of posting your question and waiting for a reply.