Supported chipsets:

  • G200
  • G400
  • G450
  • G550 Unsupported chipsets (early):

  • Mystique (1064 and 2064)

  • Millenium II (2164)
  • Productiva G100 While Xorg has 2D support for these early chips, there is no 3D support yet.

Unsupported chipsets (modern):

  • QID
  • P650
  • P750
  • Parhelia P-series and Parhelia cards are supported by a binary driver provided by Matrox. The QID card is not supported under Linux at all, despite being apparently based on the Parhelia core.

Important notes:

  • IanRomanick recently added support for PCI mga G4/5xx cards. Example graphics cards:

  • Millennium G550

  • Millennium G450
  • Millennium G400
  • Millennium G200
  • Mystique G200


Databooks for the G200 and G400 used to be available through Matrox' developer program, however the program seems to no longer exist.


Probably earliest Matrox (Millenium I and Mystique) hw 3D driver, from ~1997, no texturing, just Z-buffered, Gouraud-shaded tris: Page, Download src