Instructions for new developers

Developers can get write access to the CVS repository after having contributed patches to the DRI and being proposed by another committer. Write access to the CVS repository is provided by having an account at This is managed by the fd.o 'sitewranglers'.

To get a new account, follow the procedure at AccountRequests @ fd.o.

Your ssh public key should be dsa if possible, though people with existing rsa keys have been allowed to use them. If you don't have an ssh key yet, use "ssh-keygen -t dsa". You should use a passphrase to keep your key safe. If you don't like typing in your passphrase every time you access, check out ssh-agent and ssh-add.

Access to the repository is explained on the CVS wiki page. If you use cvsup to maintain a local mirror, you can commit from a local checkout by explicitly specifying the cvs root in your "cvs commit" command (i.e. env CVS_RSH=ssh cvs commit).

Should you experience troubles committing and feel things should be fixed in the repository, send an email to to get it resolved, rather than jumping in to fix it on yourself.

Remember to add the user's ?WikiName to the ?CurrentDevelopers page.