Number Nine

An early vendor of 3d graphics cards. In addition to a number of S3-based boards, they also developed their own line of chips:

  • Imagine 128
  • Imagine 128 II
  • Ticket 2 Ride
  • Ticket 2 Ride IV There is also a rumor of a Ticket to Ride V card in some embedded military applications.

The Ticket 2 Ride and above are basic single-TMU cards capable of OpenGL 1.2 and probably a few extensions. They only have simple triangles in hardware, but there is a display list processor that can be fed via DMA. The DMA engine only works over AGP, but there's a memory window engine that can operate over PCI with some double-buffering. The hardware supports an impressive range of texture formats, including a few YUV formats if you abuse the memory window engine.

I know much less about the Imagine cards, because I don't have the docs. I suspect they can't texture.



AdamJackson is the only one working on #9 support at the moment.