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This page is deprecated and exists only for historical reason; it should be removed/archived entirely at some point.

Go to Radeon instead.


Homepage of AMD/ATI R300 chipset. You will find here all you want to know about DRI R300 support, at least i hope so. :)

We always need help, take a look at the R300ToDo list and see if there is anything you could do! Read the documentation, the code, and if you want to ask something or to start getting involved join us in #dri-devel on freenode.


30.04.2007 posted by ?ChristophBrill
We switched our news section to a blog that is aggregated on Planet Freedesktop. There won't be any further news entries here.

25.04.2007 posted by ?ChristophBrill
Time is passing way to fast, but here it is: TiRDC #4.

01.04.2007 posted by ?ChristophBrill
Since we got so much great news on Radeon development we proudly present you a short but informative TiRDC #3.

20.03.2007 posted by ?ChristophBrill
There has been such a great response on TiRDC #1 and so much activity lately, we wanted to inform you about. So here is TiRDC #2 for you to read.

10.03.2007 posted by ?ChristophBrill
Welcome to the new News section in this wiki. We have written a small summary of current events for you. Take a look at ?TiRDC #1 for you.


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