The DRI project is looking to take part in the Google Summer of Code 2005. This project endeavors to fund students to contribute to an open-source project over summer break. There are many interesting projects to be done in the DRI, and a fun group of developers to work with. Below are some example ideas, but we are open to other projects, too!

Update: We were not accepted as a mentoring organization. However, Bart Massey at Portland State University (one of the mentoring orgs) is knowledgable in X and suggested that he would gladly be an official mentor for students interested in doing DRI or X projects for SoC.

Example project ideas

  • Fix the SiS 6326 driver texturing support and integrate into head CVS. This would involve updating older code to current Mesa, debugging texturing, and CVS integration.
  • Port the utah-glx NVIDIA driver to the DRI. This would involve creating a DRM, determining how integration with the updated 2D driver would work, and porting the driver itself.
  • Integrate the partially-completed S3 Virge driver.
  • Integrate the partially-completed Trident driver.
  • Rewrite the 3dfx driver to not depend on Glide and support SLI.
  • Create a modern Gamma GMX DRI driver based on the currently-defunct one.
  • Write a SiliconMotion DRI driver.
  • Extend glean to cover new extensions and more core functionality.
  • Dynamic code generation for fragment/pixel shaders.