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#define CELL_NEW_VIEWPORT   0x1
#define CELL_NEW_FS   0x4
#define CELL_NEW_BLEND   0x8
#define CELL_NEW_CLIP   0x10
#define CELL_NEW_SCISSOR   0x20
#define CELL_NEW_STIPPLE   0x40
#define CELL_NEW_ALPHA_TEST   0x100
#define CELL_NEW_DEPTH_STENCIL   0x200
#define CELL_NEW_SAMPLER   0x400
#define CELL_NEW_TEXTURE   0x800
#define CELL_NEW_VERTEX   0x1000
#define CELL_NEW_VS   0x2000
#define CELL_NEW_CONSTANTS   0x4000
#define CELL_NEW_VERTEX_INFO   0x8000


void cell_update_derived (struct cell_context *softpipe)
 Update derived state, send current state to SPUs prior to rendering.
void cell_init_shader_functions (struct cell_context *cell)
void cell_init_vertex_functions (struct cell_context *cell)

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#define CELL_NEW_ALPHA_TEST   0x100

Definition at line 41 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_BLEND   0x8

Definition at line 36 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_CLIP   0x10

Definition at line 37 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_CONSTANTS   0x4000

Definition at line 47 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_DEPTH_STENCIL   0x200

Definition at line 42 of file cell_state.h.


Definition at line 40 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_FS   0x4

Definition at line 35 of file cell_state.h.


Definition at line 34 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_SAMPLER   0x400

Definition at line 43 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_SCISSOR   0x20

Definition at line 38 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_STIPPLE   0x40

Definition at line 39 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_TEXTURE   0x800

Definition at line 44 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_VERTEX   0x1000

Definition at line 45 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_VERTEX_INFO   0x8000

Definition at line 48 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_VIEWPORT   0x1

Definition at line 33 of file cell_state.h.

#define CELL_NEW_VS   0x2000

Definition at line 46 of file cell_state.h.

Function Documentation

void cell_init_shader_functions ( struct cell_context cell  ) 

Definition at line 205 of file cell_state_shader.c.

References pipe_context::bind_fs_state, pipe_context::bind_vs_state, cell_bind_fs_state(), cell_bind_vs_state(), cell_create_fs_state(), cell_create_vs_state(), cell_delete_fs_state(), cell_delete_vs_state(), cell_set_constant_buffer(), pipe_context::create_fs_state, pipe_context::create_vs_state, pipe_context::delete_fs_state, pipe_context::delete_vs_state, cell_context::pipe, and pipe_context::set_constant_buffer.

void cell_init_vertex_functions ( struct cell_context cell  ) 

Definition at line 75 of file cell_state_vertex.c.

References cell_set_vertex_buffers(), cell_set_vertex_elements(), cell_context::pipe, pipe_context::set_vertex_buffers, and pipe_context::set_vertex_elements.

void cell_update_derived ( struct cell_context softpipe  ) 

Update derived state, send current state to SPUs prior to rendering.

Definition at line 152 of file cell_state_derived.c.

00154 {
00155    if (cell->dirty & (CELL_NEW_RASTERIZER |
00156                       CELL_NEW_FS |
00157                       CELL_NEW_VS))
00158       calculate_vertex_layout( cell );
00160 #if 0
00161    if (cell->dirty & (CELL_NEW_SCISSOR |
00162                       CELL_NEW_DEPTH_STENCIL_ALPHA |
00163                       CELL_NEW_FRAMEBUFFER))
00164       compute_cliprect(cell);
00165 #endif
00167    cell_emit_state(cell);
00169    cell->dirty = 0;

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