pipebuffer Directory Reference



file  pb_buffer.h [code]
 Generic code for buffers.
file  pb_buffer_fenced.c [code]
 Implementation of fenced buffers.
file  pb_buffer_fenced.h [code]
 Buffer fencing.
file  pb_buffer_malloc.c [code]
 Implementation of malloc-based buffers to store data that can't be processed by the hardware.
file  pb_bufmgr.h [code]
 Buffer management.
file  pb_bufmgr_alt.c [code]
 Allocate buffers from two alternative buffer providers.
file  pb_bufmgr_cache.c [code]
 Buffer cache.
file  pb_bufmgr_debug.c [code]
 Debug buffer manager to detect buffer under- and overflows.
file  pb_bufmgr_fenced.c [code]
 A buffer manager that wraps buffers in fenced buffers.
file  pb_bufmgr_mm.c [code]
 Buffer manager using the old texture memory manager.
file  pb_bufmgr_pool.c [code]
 Batch buffer pool management.
file  pb_bufmgr_slab.c [code]
 S-lab pool implementation.
file  pb_validate.c [code]
 Buffer validation.
file  pb_validate.h [code]
 Buffer validation.
file  pb_winsys.c [code]
 Implementation of client buffer (also designated as "user buffers"), which are just state-tracker owned data masqueraded as buffers.

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