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#define BEGIN_BATCH(dwords, relocs)   (i915_batchbuffer_check(&intel->base.batch->base, dwords, relocs))
#define OUT_BATCH(d)   i915_batchbuffer_dword(&intel->base.batch->base, d)
#define OUT_RELOC(buf, flags, mask, delta)

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#define BEGIN_BATCH ( dwords,
relocs   )     (i915_batchbuffer_check(&intel->base.batch->base, dwords, relocs))

Definition at line 11 of file intel_batchbuffer.h.

#define OUT_BATCH (  )     i915_batchbuffer_dword(&intel->base.batch->base, d)

Definition at line 15 of file intel_batchbuffer.h.

#define OUT_RELOC ( buf,
delta   ) 


do {                                    \
   assert((delta) >= 0);                                                        \
   intel_be_offset_relocation(intel->base.batch, delta, buf, flags, mask);      \
} while (0)

Definition at line 19 of file intel_batchbuffer.h.

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