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Data Structures

struct  _I830DRIRec
struct  I830ConfigPrivRec
struct  I830DRIContextRec


#define I830_MAX_DRAWABLES   256
#define I830_MAJOR_VERSION   1
#define I830_MINOR_VERSION   7
#define I830_PATCHLEVEL   2
#define I830_REG_SIZE   0x80000


typedef struct _I830DRIRec I830DRIRec
typedef struct _I830DRIRecI830DRIPtr
typedef struct I830ConfigPrivRecI830ConfigPrivPtr
typedef struct I830DRIContextRecI830DRIContextPtr

Define Documentation

#define I830_MAJOR_VERSION   1

Definition at line 10 of file i830_dri.h.

#define I830_MAX_DRAWABLES   256

Definition at line 8 of file i830_dri.h.

#define I830_MINOR_VERSION   7

Definition at line 11 of file i830_dri.h.

#define I830_PATCHLEVEL   2

Definition at line 12 of file i830_dri.h.

#define I830_REG_SIZE   0x80000

Definition at line 14 of file i830_dri.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct I830ConfigPrivRec * I830ConfigPrivPtr

typedef struct I830DRIContextRec * I830DRIContextPtr

typedef struct _I830DRIRec * I830DRIPtr

typedef struct _I830DRIRec I830DRIRec

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