cell_init_info Struct Reference

This is the object passed to spe_create_thread(). More...

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Data Fields

unsigned id
unsigned num_spus
unsigned debug_flags
 mask of CELL_DEBUG_x flags
struct cell_commandcmd
ubytebuffers [4]
 Buffers for command batches, vertex/index data.
 points at cell_context->buffer_status

Detailed Description

This is the object passed to spe_create_thread().

Definition at line 271 of file common.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned cell_init_info::id

Definition at line 273 of file common.h.

unsigned cell_init_info::num_spus

Definition at line 274 of file common.h.

unsigned cell_init_info::debug_flags

mask of CELL_DEBUG_x flags

Definition at line 275 of file common.h.

struct cell_command* cell_init_info::cmd [read]

Definition at line 276 of file common.h.

ubyte* cell_init_info::buffers[4]

Buffers for command batches, vertex/index data.

Definition at line 279 of file common.h.

uint* cell_init_info::buffer_status

points at cell_context->buffer_status

Definition at line 280 of file common.h.

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