draw_stage Struct Reference

Base class for all primitive drawing stages. More...

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Data Fields

struct draw_contextdraw
 parent context
struct draw_stagenext
 next stage in pipeline
struct vertex_header ** tmp
 temp vert storage, such as for clipping
unsigned nr_tmps
void(* point )(struct draw_stage *, struct prim_header *)
void(* line )(struct draw_stage *, struct prim_header *)
void(* tri )(struct draw_stage *, struct prim_header *)
void(* flush )(struct draw_stage *, unsigned flags)
void(* reset_stipple_counter )(struct draw_stage *)
void(* destroy )(struct draw_stage *)

Detailed Description

Base class for all primitive drawing stages.

Definition at line 55 of file draw_pipe.h.

Field Documentation

struct draw_context* draw_stage::draw [read]

parent context

Definition at line 57 of file draw_pipe.h.

struct draw_stage* draw_stage::next [read]

next stage in pipeline

Definition at line 59 of file draw_pipe.h.

struct vertex_header** draw_stage::tmp [read]

temp vert storage, such as for clipping

Definition at line 61 of file draw_pipe.h.

unsigned draw_stage::nr_tmps

Definition at line 62 of file draw_pipe.h.

void(* draw_stage::point)(struct draw_stage *, struct prim_header *)

void(* draw_stage::line)(struct draw_stage *, struct prim_header *)

void(* draw_stage::tri)(struct draw_stage *, struct prim_header *)

void(* draw_stage::flush)(struct draw_stage *, unsigned flags)

void(* draw_stage::reset_stipple_counter)(struct draw_stage *)

void(* draw_stage::destroy)(struct draw_stage *)

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