pipe_rasterizer_state Struct Reference

Primitive (point/line/tri) rasterization info. More...

Data Fields

unsigned flatshade:1
unsigned light_twoside:1
unsigned front_winding:2
unsigned cull_mode:2
unsigned fill_cw:2
unsigned fill_ccw:2
unsigned offset_cw:1
unsigned offset_ccw:1
unsigned scissor:1
unsigned poly_smooth:1
unsigned poly_stipple_enable:1
unsigned point_smooth:1
unsigned point_sprite:1
unsigned point_size_per_vertex:1
 size computed in vertex shader
unsigned multisample:1
unsigned line_smooth:1
unsigned line_stipple_enable:1
unsigned line_stipple_factor:8
unsigned line_stipple_pattern:16
unsigned line_last_pixel:1
unsigned bypass_clipping:1
unsigned bypass_vs:1
 Skip the vertex shader.
unsigned origin_lower_left:1
 Is (0,0) the lower-left corner?
unsigned flatshade_first:1
 take color attribute from the first vertex of a primitive
unsigned gl_rasterization_rules:1
 enable tweaks for GL rasterization?
float line_width
float point_size
 used when no per-vertex size
float point_size_min
float point_size_max
float offset_units
float offset_scale
ubyte sprite_coord_mode [16]

Detailed Description

Primitive (point/line/tri) rasterization info.

Definition at line 89 of file p_state.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::flatshade

Definition at line 91 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::light_twoside

Definition at line 92 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::front_winding


Definition at line 93 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::cull_mode


Definition at line 94 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::fill_cw


Definition at line 95 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::fill_ccw


Definition at line 96 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::offset_cw

Definition at line 97 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::offset_ccw

Definition at line 98 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::scissor

Definition at line 99 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::poly_smooth

Definition at line 100 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::poly_stipple_enable

Definition at line 101 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::point_smooth

Definition at line 102 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::point_sprite

Definition at line 103 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::point_size_per_vertex

size computed in vertex shader

Definition at line 104 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::multisample

Definition at line 105 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::line_smooth

Definition at line 106 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::line_stipple_enable

Definition at line 107 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::line_stipple_factor


.256] actually

Definition at line 108 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::line_stipple_pattern

Definition at line 109 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::line_last_pixel

Definition at line 110 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::bypass_clipping

Definition at line 111 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::bypass_vs

Skip the vertex shader.

Note that the shader is still needed though, to indicate inputs/outputs

Definition at line 112 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::origin_lower_left

Is (0,0) the lower-left corner?

Definition at line 114 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::flatshade_first

take color attribute from the first vertex of a primitive

Definition at line 115 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_rasterizer_state::gl_rasterization_rules

enable tweaks for GL rasterization?

Definition at line 116 of file p_state.h.

float pipe_rasterizer_state::line_width

Definition at line 118 of file p_state.h.

float pipe_rasterizer_state::point_size

used when no per-vertex size

Definition at line 119 of file p_state.h.

float pipe_rasterizer_state::point_size_min

Definition at line 120 of file p_state.h.

float pipe_rasterizer_state::point_size_max

Definition at line 121 of file p_state.h.

float pipe_rasterizer_state::offset_units

Definition at line 122 of file p_state.h.

float pipe_rasterizer_state::offset_scale

Definition at line 123 of file p_state.h.

ubyte pipe_rasterizer_state::sprite_coord_mode[16]


Definition at line 124 of file p_state.h.

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