pipe_setup_linkage Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct {
   unsigned   vp_output:5
   unsigned   interp_mode:4
   unsigned   bf_vp_output:5
unsigned fp_input_count:5
unsigned max_vp_output:5

Detailed Description

Definition at line 216 of file brw_context.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned pipe_setup_linkage::vp_output

Definition at line 218 of file brw_context.h.

unsigned pipe_setup_linkage::interp_mode

Definition at line 219 of file brw_context.h.

unsigned pipe_setup_linkage::bf_vp_output

Definition at line 220 of file brw_context.h.

struct { ... } pipe_setup_linkage::fp_input[PIPE_MAX_SHADER_INPUTS]

unsigned pipe_setup_linkage::fp_input_count

Definition at line 223 of file brw_context.h.

unsigned pipe_setup_linkage::max_vp_output

Definition at line 224 of file brw_context.h.

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