pipe_texture Struct Reference

Texture object. More...

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Data Fields

enum pipe_texture_target target
enum pipe_format format
unsigned width [16]
unsigned height [16]
unsigned depth [16]
struct pipe_format_block block
unsigned nblocksx [16]
 allocated width in blocks
unsigned nblocksy [16]
 allocated height in blocks
unsigned last_level:8
 Index of last mipmap level present/defined.
unsigned compressed:1
unsigned nr_samples:8
 for multisampled surfaces, nr of samples
unsigned tex_usage
unsigned refcount
struct pipe_screenscreen
 screen that this texture belongs to

Detailed Description

Texture object.

Definition at line 302 of file p_state.h.

Field Documentation

enum pipe_texture_target pipe_texture::target


Definition at line 304 of file p_state.h.

enum pipe_format pipe_texture::format


Definition at line 305 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::width[16]

Definition at line 307 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::height[16]

Definition at line 308 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::depth[16]

Definition at line 309 of file p_state.h.

struct pipe_format_block pipe_texture::block [read]

Definition at line 311 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::nblocksx[16]

allocated width in blocks

Definition at line 312 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::nblocksy[16]

allocated height in blocks

Definition at line 313 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::last_level

Index of last mipmap level present/defined.

Definition at line 315 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::compressed

Definition at line 316 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::nr_samples

for multisampled surfaces, nr of samples

Definition at line 318 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::tex_usage

Definition at line 320 of file p_state.h.

unsigned pipe_texture::refcount

Definition at line 324 of file p_state.h.

struct pipe_screen* pipe_texture::screen [read]

screen that this texture belongs to

Definition at line 326 of file p_state.h.

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