spe_function Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t * store
 instruction buffer
uint num_inst
uint max_inst
uint64_t regs [128/64]
 Mask of used / unused registers.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file rtasm_ppc_spe.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t* spe_function::store

instruction buffer

Definition at line 51 of file rtasm_ppc_spe.h.

uint spe_function::num_inst

Definition at line 52 of file rtasm_ppc_spe.h.

uint spe_function::max_inst

Definition at line 53 of file rtasm_ppc_spe.h.

uint64_t spe_function::regs[128/64]

Mask of used / unused registers.

Each set bit corresponds to an available register. Each cleared bit corresponds to an allocated register.

See also:
spe_allocate_register, spe_allocate_available_register, spe_release_register

Definition at line 65 of file rtasm_ppc_spe.h.

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