spu_exec_machine Struct Reference

Run-time virtual machine state for executing TGSI shader. More...

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Data Fields

struct spu_exec_vectorAddrs
struct spu_samplerSamplers
unsigned ImmLimit
float(* Consts )[4]
struct spu_exec_vectorInputs
struct spu_exec_vectorOutputs
unsigned Processor
unsigned * Primitives
struct spu_interp_coefInterpCoefs
struct spu_exec_vector QuadPos
uint CondMask
uint LoopMask
uint ContMask
 For loop CONT statements.
uint FuncMask
 For function calls.
uint ExecMask
 = CondMask & LoopMask
 Condition mask stack (for nested conditionals).
int CondStackTop
 Loop mask stack (for nested loops).
int LoopStackTop
 Loop continue mask stack (see comments in tgsi_exec.c).
int ContStackTop
 Function execution mask stack (for executing subroutine code).
int FuncStackTop
 Function call stack for saving/restoring the program counter.
int CallStackTop
struct tgsi_full_instructionInstructions
uint NumInstructions
struct tgsi_full_declarationDeclarations
uint NumDeclarations

Detailed Description

Run-time virtual machine state for executing TGSI shader.

Definition at line 94 of file spu_exec.h.

Field Documentation

struct spu_exec_vector Temps [TGSI_EXEC_NUM_TEMPS + TGSI_EXEC_NUM_TEMP_EXTRAS + 1] spu_exec_machine::ALIGN16_ATTRIB [read]

Definition at line 101 of file spu_exec.h.

struct spu_exec_vector* spu_exec_machine::Addrs [read]

Definition at line 105 of file spu_exec.h.

struct spu_sampler* spu_exec_machine::Samplers [read]

Definition at line 107 of file spu_exec.h.

float spu_exec_machine::Imms[TGSI_EXEC_NUM_IMMEDIATES][4]

Definition at line 109 of file spu_exec.h.

unsigned spu_exec_machine::ImmLimit

Definition at line 110 of file spu_exec.h.

float(* spu_exec_machine::Consts)[4]

Definition at line 111 of file spu_exec.h.

struct spu_exec_vector* spu_exec_machine::Inputs [read]

Definition at line 112 of file spu_exec.h.

struct spu_exec_vector* spu_exec_machine::Outputs [read]

Definition at line 113 of file spu_exec.h.

unsigned spu_exec_machine::Processor

Definition at line 114 of file spu_exec.h.

unsigned* spu_exec_machine::Primitives

Definition at line 117 of file spu_exec.h.

struct spu_interp_coef* spu_exec_machine::InterpCoefs [read]

Definition at line 120 of file spu_exec.h.

struct spu_exec_vector spu_exec_machine::QuadPos [read]

Definition at line 121 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::CondMask


Definition at line 124 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::LoopMask


Definition at line 125 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::ContMask

For loop CONT statements.

Definition at line 126 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::FuncMask

For function calls.

Definition at line 127 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::ExecMask

= CondMask & LoopMask

Definition at line 128 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::CondStack[TGSI_EXEC_MAX_COND_NESTING]

Condition mask stack (for nested conditionals).

Definition at line 131 of file spu_exec.h.

int spu_exec_machine::CondStackTop

Definition at line 132 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::LoopStack[TGSI_EXEC_MAX_LOOP_NESTING]

Loop mask stack (for nested loops).

Definition at line 135 of file spu_exec.h.

int spu_exec_machine::LoopStackTop

Definition at line 136 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::ContStack[TGSI_EXEC_MAX_LOOP_NESTING]

Loop continue mask stack (see comments in tgsi_exec.c).

Definition at line 139 of file spu_exec.h.

int spu_exec_machine::ContStackTop

Definition at line 140 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::FuncStack[TGSI_EXEC_MAX_CALL_NESTING]

Function execution mask stack (for executing subroutine code).

Definition at line 143 of file spu_exec.h.

int spu_exec_machine::FuncStackTop

Definition at line 144 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::CallStack[TGSI_EXEC_MAX_CALL_NESTING]

Function call stack for saving/restoring the program counter.

Definition at line 147 of file spu_exec.h.

int spu_exec_machine::CallStackTop

Definition at line 148 of file spu_exec.h.

struct tgsi_full_instruction* spu_exec_machine::Instructions [read]

Definition at line 150 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::NumInstructions

Definition at line 151 of file spu_exec.h.

struct tgsi_full_declaration* spu_exec_machine::Declarations [read]

Definition at line 153 of file spu_exec.h.

uint spu_exec_machine::NumDeclarations

Definition at line 154 of file spu_exec.h.

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