st_vertex_program Struct Reference

Derived from Mesa gl_fragment_program:. More...

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Data Fields

struct gl_vertex_program Base
 The Mesa vertex program.
GLuint serialNo
GLuint input_to_index [VERT_ATTRIB_MAX]
 maps a Mesa VERT_ATTRIB_x to a packed TGSI input index
GLuint index_to_input [PIPE_MAX_SHADER_INPUTS]
 maps a TGSI input index back to a Mesa VERT_ATTRIB_x
GLuint num_inputs
struct pipe_shader_state state
void * driver_shader
struct draw_vertex_shaderdraw_shader
 For using our private draw module (glRasterPos).
GLuint param_state

Detailed Description

Derived from Mesa gl_fragment_program:.

Definition at line 83 of file st_program.h.

Field Documentation

struct gl_vertex_program st_vertex_program::Base [read]

The Mesa vertex program.

Definition at line 85 of file st_program.h.

GLuint st_vertex_program::serialNo

Definition at line 86 of file st_program.h.

GLuint st_vertex_program::input_to_index[VERT_ATTRIB_MAX]

maps a Mesa VERT_ATTRIB_x to a packed TGSI input index

Definition at line 89 of file st_program.h.

GLuint st_vertex_program::index_to_input[PIPE_MAX_SHADER_INPUTS]

maps a TGSI input index back to a Mesa VERT_ATTRIB_x

Definition at line 91 of file st_program.h.

GLuint st_vertex_program::num_inputs

Definition at line 93 of file st_program.h.

struct pipe_shader_state st_vertex_program::state [read]

Definition at line 95 of file st_program.h.

void* st_vertex_program::driver_shader

Definition at line 96 of file st_program.h.

struct draw_vertex_shader* st_vertex_program::draw_shader [read]

For using our private draw module (glRasterPos).

Definition at line 99 of file st_program.h.

GLuint st_vertex_program::param_state

Definition at line 101 of file st_program.h.

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