tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode Struct Reference

Extra destination register modifiers. More...

Data Fields

unsigned Type: 4
unsigned CondMask: 4
unsigned CondSwizzleX: 2
unsigned CondSwizzleY: 2
unsigned CondSwizzleZ: 2
unsigned CondSwizzleW: 2
unsigned CondSrcIndex: 4
unsigned Padding: 11
unsigned Extended: 1

Detailed Description

Extra destination register modifiers.

If tgsi_dst_register_ext::Type is TGSI_DST_REGISTER_EXT_TYPE_CONDCODE, it should be cast to tgsi_dst_register_ext_condcode.

If tgsi_dst_register_ext::Type is TGSI_DST_REGISTER_EXT_TYPE_MODULATE, it should be cast to tgsi_dst_register_ext_modulate.

If tgsi_dst_register_ext::Type is TGSI_DST_REGISTER_EXT_TYPE_PREDICATE, it should be cast to tgsi_dst_register_ext_predicate.

If tgsi_dst_register_ext::Extended is TRUE, another tgsi_dst_register_ext follows.

Definition at line 729 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::Type

Definition at line 731 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::CondMask

Definition at line 732 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::CondSwizzleX

Definition at line 733 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::CondSwizzleY

Definition at line 734 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::CondSwizzleZ

Definition at line 735 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::CondSwizzleW

Definition at line 736 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::CondSrcIndex

Definition at line 737 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::Padding

Definition at line 738 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

unsigned tgsi_dst_register_ext_concode::Extended

Definition at line 739 of file p_shader_tokens.h.

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