translate_element Struct Reference

Vertex fetch/store/convert code. More...

Data Fields

enum pipe_format input_format
enum pipe_format output_format
unsigned input_buffer:8
unsigned input_offset:24
unsigned output_offset

Detailed Description

Vertex fetch/store/convert code.

This functionality is used in two places: 1. Vertex fetch/convert - to grab vertex data from incoming vertex arrays and convert to format needed by vertex shaders. 2. Vertex store/emit - to convert simple float[][4] vertex attributes (which is the organization used throughout the draw/prim pipeline) to hardware-specific formats and emit into hardware vertex buffers.

Authors: Keith Whitwell <>

Definition at line 47 of file translate.h.

Field Documentation

enum pipe_format translate_element::input_format

Definition at line 49 of file translate.h.

enum pipe_format translate_element::output_format

Definition at line 50 of file translate.h.

unsigned translate_element::input_buffer

Definition at line 51 of file translate.h.

unsigned translate_element::input_offset

Definition at line 52 of file translate.h.

unsigned translate_element::output_offset

Definition at line 53 of file translate.h.

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