ureg_program Struct Reference

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Data Fields

unsigned processor
struct pipe_contextpipe
struct {
   unsigned   semantic_name
   unsigned   semantic_index
   unsigned   interp
unsigned nr_inputs
struct {
   unsigned   semantic_name
   unsigned   semantic_index
unsigned nr_outputs
struct {
   float   v [4]
   unsigned   nr
immediate [32]
unsigned nr_immediates
struct ureg_src sampler [PIPE_MAX_SAMPLERS]
unsigned nr_samplers
unsigned temps_active [256/32]
unsigned nr_temps
unsigned nr_addrs
unsigned nr_constants
unsigned nr_instructions
struct ureg_tokens domain [2]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 80 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned ureg_program::processor

Definition at line 82 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

struct pipe_context* ureg_program::pipe [read]

Definition at line 83 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::semantic_name

Definition at line 86 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::semantic_index

Definition at line 87 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::interp

Definition at line 88 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

struct { ... } ureg_program::input[ PIPE_MAX_ATTRIBS ]

unsigned ureg_program::nr_inputs

Definition at line 90 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

struct { ... } ureg_program::output[ PIPE_MAX_ATTRIBS ]

unsigned ureg_program::nr_outputs

Definition at line 96 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

float ureg_program::v[4]

Definition at line 99 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::nr

Definition at line 100 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

struct { ... } ureg_program::immediate[ 32 ]

unsigned ureg_program::nr_immediates

Definition at line 102 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

struct ureg_src ureg_program::sampler[PIPE_MAX_SAMPLERS] [read]

Definition at line 104 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::nr_samplers

Definition at line 105 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::temps_active[256/32]

Definition at line 107 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::nr_temps

Definition at line 108 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::nr_addrs

Definition at line 110 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::nr_constants

Definition at line 112 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

unsigned ureg_program::nr_instructions

Definition at line 113 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

struct ureg_tokens ureg_program::domain[2] [read]

Definition at line 115 of file tgsi_ureg.c.

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