xmesa_buffer Struct Reference

Framebuffer information, derived from. More...

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Data Fields

struct st_framebufferstfb
GLboolean wasCurrent
XMesaVisual xm_visual
XMesaDrawable drawable
XMesaColormap cmap
BufferType type
XMesaImage * tempImage
unsigned long selectedEvents
GLuint shm
XMesaGC gc
GLint TextureTarget
GLint TextureFormat
 GLX_TEXTURE_1D_EXT, for example.
GLint TextureMipmap
struct xmesa_bufferNext
 0 or 1

Detailed Description

Framebuffer information, derived from.

Basically corresponds to a GLXDrawable.

Definition at line 98 of file xmesaP.h.

Field Documentation

struct st_framebuffer* xmesa_buffer::stfb [read]

Definition at line 99 of file xmesaP.h.

GLboolean xmesa_buffer::wasCurrent

Definition at line 101 of file xmesaP.h.

XMesaVisual xmesa_buffer::xm_visual

Definition at line 102 of file xmesaP.h.

XMesaDrawable xmesa_buffer::drawable

Definition at line 103 of file xmesaP.h.

XMesaColormap xmesa_buffer::cmap

Definition at line 104 of file xmesaP.h.

BufferType xmesa_buffer::type

Definition at line 105 of file xmesaP.h.

XMesaImage* xmesa_buffer::tempImage

Definition at line 107 of file xmesaP.h.

unsigned long xmesa_buffer::selectedEvents

Definition at line 108 of file xmesaP.h.

GLuint xmesa_buffer::shm

Definition at line 110 of file xmesaP.h.

XMesaGC xmesa_buffer::gc

Definition at line 118 of file xmesaP.h.

GLint xmesa_buffer::TextureTarget

Definition at line 121 of file xmesaP.h.

GLint xmesa_buffer::TextureFormat

GLX_TEXTURE_1D_EXT, for example.

Definition at line 122 of file xmesaP.h.

GLint xmesa_buffer::TextureMipmap


Definition at line 123 of file xmesaP.h.

struct xmesa_buffer* xmesa_buffer::Next [read]

0 or 1

Definition at line 125 of file xmesaP.h.

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