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nvvertparse.h File Reference


void _mesa_parse_nv_vertex_program (GLcontext *ctx, GLenum target, const GLubyte *str, GLsizei len, struct gl_vertex_program *program)
 Parse/compile the 'str' returning the compiled 'program'.
const char * _mesa_nv_vertex_input_register_name (GLuint i)
const char * _mesa_nv_vertex_output_register_name (GLuint i)

Function Documentation

const char* _mesa_nv_vertex_input_register_name ( GLuint  i  ) 

const char* _mesa_nv_vertex_output_register_name ( GLuint  i  ) 

void _mesa_parse_nv_vertex_program ( GLcontext ctx,
GLenum  dstTarget,
const GLubyte *  str,
GLsizei  len,
struct gl_vertex_program program 

Parse/compile the 'str' returning the compiled 'program'.

ctx->Program.ErrorPos will be -1 if successful. Otherwise, ErrorPos indicates the position of the error in 'str'.

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