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asm_parser_state Struct Reference

#include <program_parser.h>

Public Types

enum  { invalid_mode = 0, ARB_vertex, ARB_fragment }

Data Fields

struct gl_programprog
struct gl_program_constantslimits
 Per-program target limits.
struct _mesa_symbol_tablest
struct asm_symbolsym
 Linked list of symbols.
void * scanner
 State for the lexer.
unsigned state_param_enum
 Value to use in state vector accessors for environment and local parameters.
unsigned InputsBound
 Input attributes bound to specific names.
enum asm_parser_state:: { ... }  mode
struct {
   unsigned   PositionInvariant:1
   unsigned   Fog:2
   unsigned   PrecisionHint:2
   unsigned   DrawBuffers:1
   unsigned   Shadow:1
   unsigned   TexRect:1
   unsigned   TexArray:1
   unsigned   NV_fragment:1
struct {
   unsigned   UsesKill:1
struct asm_instructioninst_head
 Linked list of instructions generated during parsing.
struct asm_instructioninst_tail
unsigned MaxTextureCoordUnits
 Selected limits copied from gl_constants.
unsigned MaxTextureImageUnits
unsigned MaxTextureUnits
unsigned MaxClipPlanes
unsigned MaxLights
unsigned MaxProgramMatrices

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum


Field Documentation

GLcontext* asm_parser_state::ctx

struct gl_program* asm_parser_state::prog [read]

struct gl_program_constants* asm_parser_state::limits [read]

Per-program target limits.

struct _mesa_symbol_table* asm_parser_state::st [read]

struct asm_symbol* asm_parser_state::sym [read]

Linked list of symbols.

This list is only used when cleaning up compiler state and freeing memory.

void* asm_parser_state::scanner

State for the lexer.

struct asm_instruction* asm_parser_state::inst_head [read]

Linked list of instructions generated during parsing.

struct asm_instruction* asm_parser_state::inst_tail [read]

unsigned asm_parser_state::MaxTextureCoordUnits

Selected limits copied from gl_constants.

These are limits from the GL context, but various bits in the program must be validated against these values.

unsigned asm_parser_state::MaxTextureImageUnits

unsigned asm_parser_state::MaxTextureUnits

unsigned asm_parser_state::MaxClipPlanes

unsigned asm_parser_state::MaxLights

unsigned asm_parser_state::MaxProgramMatrices

unsigned asm_parser_state::state_param_enum

Value to use in state vector accessors for environment and local parameters.

unsigned asm_parser_state::InputsBound

Input attributes bound to specific names.

This is only needed so that errors can be properly produced when multiple ATTRIB statements bind illegal combinations of vertex attributes.

enum { ... } asm_parser_state::mode

unsigned asm_parser_state::PositionInvariant

unsigned asm_parser_state::Fog

unsigned asm_parser_state::PrecisionHint

unsigned asm_parser_state::DrawBuffers

unsigned asm_parser_state::Shadow

unsigned asm_parser_state::TexRect

unsigned asm_parser_state::TexArray

unsigned asm_parser_state::NV_fragment

struct { ... } asm_parser_state::option

unsigned asm_parser_state::UsesKill

struct { ... } asm_parser_state::fragment

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