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prog_parameter_layout.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Helper functions to layout storage for program parameters.

Ian Romanick <>

#include "main/mtypes.h"
#include "prog_parameter.h"
#include "prog_parameter_layout.h"
#include "prog_instruction.h"
#include "program_parser.h"


unsigned _mesa_combine_swizzles (unsigned base, unsigned applied)
static int copy_indirect_accessed_array (struct gl_program_parameter_list *src, struct gl_program_parameter_list *dst, unsigned first, unsigned count)
 Copy indirect access array from one parameter list to another.
GLboolean _mesa_layout_parameters (struct asm_parser_state *state)
 XXX description???

Function Documentation

unsigned _mesa_combine_swizzles ( unsigned  base,
unsigned  applied 

GLboolean _mesa_layout_parameters ( struct asm_parser_state state  ) 

XXX description???

GL_TRUE for success, GL_FALSE for failure

static int copy_indirect_accessed_array ( struct gl_program_parameter_list src,
struct gl_program_parameter_list dst,
unsigned  first,
unsigned  count 
) [static]

Copy indirect access array from one parameter list to another.

src Parameter array copied from
dst Parameter array copied to
first Index of first element in src to copy
count Number of elements to copy
The location in dst of the first element copied from src on success. -1 on failure.
This function assumes that there is already enough space available in dst to hold all of the elements that will be copied over.

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