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gl_uniform Struct Reference

#include <prog_uniform.h>

Detailed Description

Shader program uniform variable.

The glGetUniformLocation() and glUniform() commands will use this information. Note that a uniform such as "binormal" might be used in both the vertex shader and the fragment shader. When glUniform() is called to set the uniform's value, it must be updated in both the vertex and fragment shaders. The uniform may be in different locations in the two shaders so we keep track of that here.

Data Fields

const char * Name
 Null-terminated string.
GLint VertPos
GLint FragPos
GLboolean Initialized
 For debug.

Field Documentation

const char* gl_uniform::Name

Null-terminated string.

GLint gl_uniform::VertPos

GLint gl_uniform::FragPos

GLboolean gl_uniform::Initialized

For debug.

Has this uniform been set?

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