9.11. PCI NTB Endpoint Function

  1. Create a subdirectory to pci_epf_ntb directory in configfs.

Standard EPF Configurable Fields:

vendorid should be 0x104c
deviceid should be 0xb00d for TI’s J721E SoC
revid don’t care
progif_code don’t care
subclass_code should be 0x00
baseclass_code should be 0x5
cache_line_size don’t care
subsys_vendor_id don’t care
subsys_id don’t care
interrupt_pin don’t care
msi_interrupts don’t care
msix_interrupts don’t care
  1. Create a subdirectory to directory created in 1

NTB EPF specific configurable fields:

db_count Number of doorbells; default = 4
mw1 size of memory window1
mw2 size of memory window2
mw3 size of memory window3
mw4 size of memory window4
num_mws Number of memory windows; max = 4
spad_count Number of scratchpad registers; default = 64