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Mesa Main Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
__GLcontextRecMesa rendering context
_mesa_HashTableThe hash table data structure
ati_fragment_shaderATI fragment shader
cb_infoCallback info for walking over FBO hash table
dd_function_tableDevice driver function table
fi_typeSometimes we treat GLfloats as GLints
gl_1d_map1-D Evaluator control points
gl_2d_map2-D Evaluator control points
gl_accum_attribAccumulation buffer attribute group (GL_ACCUM_BUFFER_BIT)
gl_array_attribVertex array state
gl_array_objectCollection of vertex arrays
gl_ati_fragment_shader_stateContext state for GL_ATI_fragment_shader
gl_attrib_nodeNode for the attribute stack
gl_buffer_objectGL_ARB_vertex/pixel_buffer_object buffer object
gl_client_arrayClient vertex array attributes
gl_color_tableData structure for color tables
gl_colorbuffer_attribColor buffer attribute group (GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT)
gl_constantsConstants which may be overridden by device driver during context creation but are never changed after that
gl_convolution_attribImage convolution state
gl_current_attribCurrent attribute group (GL_CURRENT_BIT)
gl_depthbuffer_attribDepth buffer attribute group (GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT)
gl_display_listProvide a location where information about a display list can be collected
gl_dlist_nodeDisplay list node
gl_dlist_stateState used during display list compilation and execution
gl_enable_attribGlEnable()/glDisable() attribute group (GL_ENABLE_BIT)
gl_eval_attribEvaluator attribute group (GL_EVAL_BIT)
gl_evaluatorsAll evaluator control point state
gl_extensionsEnable flag for each OpenGL extension
gl_feedbackFeedback buffer state
gl_fog_attribFog attribute group (GL_FOG_BIT)
gl_fragment_programFragment program object
gl_fragment_program_stateContext state for fragment programs
gl_framebufferA framebuffer is a collection of renderbuffers (color, depth, stencil, etc)
gl_hint_attribHint attribute group (GL_HINT_BIT)
gl_histogram_attribHistogram attributes
gl_lightLight source state
gl_light_attribLighting attribute group (GL_LIGHT_BIT)
gl_lightmodelLight model state
gl_line_attribLine attribute group (GL_LINE_BIT)
gl_list_attribDisplay list attribute group (GL_LIST_BIT)
gl_list_extensionsUsed by device drivers to hook new commands into display lists
gl_list_instructionUsed by device drivers to hook new commands into display lists
gl_materialMaterial state
gl_matrix_stackA stack of matrices (projection, modelview, color, texture, etc)
gl_minmax_attribColor Min/max state
gl_multisample_attribMultisample attribute group (GL_MULTISAMPLE_BIT)
gl_pixel_attribPixel attribute group (GL_PIXEL_MODE_BIT)
gl_pixelmapA pixelmap (see glPixelMap)
gl_pixelmapsCollection of all pixelmaps
gl_pixelstore_attribClient pixel packing/unpacking attributes
gl_point_attribPoint attribute group (GL_POINT_BIT)
gl_polygon_attribPolygon attribute group (GL_POLYGON_BIT)
gl_programBase class for any kind of program object
gl_program_constantsLimits for vertex and fragment programs
gl_program_stateState common to vertex and fragment programs
gl_query_objectOcclusion/timer query object
gl_query_stateContext state for query objects
gl_renderbufferA renderbuffer stores colors or depth values or stencil values
gl_renderbuffer_attachmentA renderbuffer attachment points to either a texture object (and specifies a mipmap level, cube face or 3D texture slice) or points to a renderbuffer
gl_scissor_attribScissor attributes (GL_SCISSOR_BIT)
gl_selectionSelection buffer state
gl_shaderA GLSL vertex or fragment shader object
gl_shader_programA GLSL program object
gl_shader_stateContext state for GLSL vertex/fragment shaders
gl_shared_stateState which can be shared by multiple contexts:
gl_shine_tabMaterial shininess lookup table
gl_sl_pragmasSet by pragma directives
gl_stencil_attribStencil attribute group (GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT)
gl_sync_objectSync object state
gl_tex_env_combine_stateTexture combine environment state
gl_texgenTexture coord generation state
gl_texture_attribTexture attribute group (GL_TEXTURE_BIT)
gl_texture_formatTexture format record
gl_texture_imageTexture image state
gl_texture_objectTexture object state
gl_texture_unitTexture unit state
gl_tnl_moduleCore Mesa's support for tnl modules:
gl_transform_attribTransformation attribute group (GL_TRANSFORM_BIT)
gl_vertex_programVertex program object
gl_vertex_program_stateContext state for vertex programs
gl_viewport_attribViewport attribute group (GL_VIEWPORT_BIT)
GLvertexformatTransform/Clip/Lighting interface
HashEntryAn entry in the hash table
mem_blockMemory manager code
texenv_fragment_programState used to build the fragment program:
texture_renderbufferDerived from gl_renderbuffer class
texture_stateSpecial struct for saving/restoring texture state (GL_TEXTURE_BIT)
uregUse uregs to represent registers internally, translate to Mesa's expected formats on emit

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